Ideas on Voretx Rings in the Haunt

The concept of firing smoke rings or their invisible "puff" counterparts has been around for many years. Basically, you have an enclosure, possibly filled with smoke, with a small hole in one side, and some means of rapidly compressing the air in the enclosure. This forces a burst of air and/or smoke out the round hole, whereupon it forms a "vortex", or stable "doughnut" of spinning gas. This ring travels broadside-on, slowly enlarging as it goes, and maintains it's shape for up to hundreds of feet!

Think about the possibilities in the Haunt:
A dragon snorts out smoke, with enough force to feel the impact of the cloud, clear across the yard!
A ghost flies out of a crypt, vanishes within a few feet, yet passes "through" the unsuspecting guest!

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