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Congratulations, Alena & Dasha! US Citizens today, 27 February, 2001
INS Information About the Child Citizenship Act of 2000

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New!! Mobile Notary service available
in the San Francisco bay area, south
specializing in adoption paperwork.

Please email for more information: Toni Bell

Russian Version

Hi, Everybody!

3 for 99

(That's me, Erin Bell, and my little sisters!)

I want to introduce you to my family!

ErinToniDashaDaveAlenaScottThe Bells

Erin --- Toni ---- Dasha ----- Dave -- Alena --- Scott

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NEW!A very sweet piece, sent to us by a dear friend, a wonderful young Mom of two...
NEW!Another Russian adoption page, includes original and translated text of the 'new' Russian adoption laws.
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NEW!We made the (local) news!! News photoPhotograph by Kathy De La Torre

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NEW! Our trip to Romania in August!
NEW! Photos from the Solar Eclipse!

Many of you know that we traveled to Russia recently (January 98) to adopt Alena, who had just turned 6.
Well, we have made that trip once again to return with another lovely little girl!! !

Dasha (Daria Alexandra) Bell joined our family on April 5, 1999.
She had just turned seven on March 12, 1999
and is from the same orphanage as Alena, in Kaliningrad, Russia.
Her joining us is quite a story.
We all had another wonderful trip to Russia in April.

Here is Dasha's announcement we mailed out!

Read some of our story here!

Here are some recent pictures of me and my sisters. (Click on them for larger images.)

Erin and Alena Alena!!The Definitive Alena!

Meet Daria Alexandra (Dasha) Bell!

Dasha! Dasha and Mama! Dasha with Director! Dasha!

Two more friends of Alena's and Dasha's are now "home" from the Detsky Dom!
Congratulations to Kristen and Alex Cottrell (Valentina and Vladimir) of Piscataway, N.J.!
Val & Vlad

Our friend Samantha's baby, our Godson:
Jackson Taylor McGauley of Carmarthen, Wales!

Jackson Jackson
(That's Jackson in his christening suit, November 29, 1998)

Animated Eclipse

1999 Eclipse Check out our recent trip to Romania, for the Total Solar Eclipse!

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Families for Russian &Ukranian Adoption

Eastern European Adoption Coalition


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